Voice on the Wing

Blog 3

Chaos reigns. Internally my cells are mutating, sprouting, fighting. Externally it is mirrored. I am finding it hard to settle to anything. I can drive, I am mobile, I can function, but I am tired and the pressing aches. My ribs feel restricted, as though held in by an elasticated waist-band and I don’t know if it is fear or the spread of cancer. Every twinge becomes palpable, every blemish a possible sign. I visit a colleague I used to…

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Blog 2

“How old are you?” It is asked as though it is relevant. As though establishing that fact can offer some reason, something solid, a tangible figure to pin further statistics to. That’s how some people react. Others want all of the details. Some talk non-stop, nervous and on over-drive. I am forty-three. I feel as though I have become a great statue, birthed in solid bronze I gleam as the sun hits me and remind the world that it is…

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Blog 1

I wanted to begin with a picture of Piroa Falls in New Zealand as this is one of the most inspirational places I have visited recently. Last November I swam in the pool right underneath the Falls with my partner and the weight and the cleansing of the waters was truly breath-taking. As I introduce my blog to you I ask that you hold the positivity of the Falls in mind. It is important that what I share with you…

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